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Wildwood Motor Events

Wildwood Motor Events LLC is your destination for every type of motor vehicle event, from classic car shows to monster truck rallies along the beach in Wildwood, NJ. We host two major classic car shows every fall and spring, that have taken place in Wildwood, NJ for over 30 years. Are you feeling a little daring? Ride one of Wildwood Motor Events' own Monster Truck Ride-trucks, ZombieCRUSHER and AmeriCRUSH!  The only two center-steer Monster Truck Ride trucks on the beaches of the East Coast!! 

Monster Truck Madness

Monster Truck Madness

Experience the Thrill!

Nothing is more exhilarating than watching a massive monster truck flying through the air here in Wildwood, NJ. The sound of the engine can be heard for MILES. There's no dome or arena to limit the range of these monster trucks. There are miles of beach, allowing us to go as high as we want, as fast as we want, and—most importantly—as loud as we want!

Experience the thrill for yourself all summer long and ride ZombieCRUSHER or AmeriCRUSH here on the beach only at Wildwood Motor Events. Feel the power of the engine in your chest as you fly through the air! Rides are available every day throughout the summer season, just on the other side of Adventure Pier (4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ, 08260. Weather permitting). A once in a lifetime experience!

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Wildwood Classic Car Shows

Wildwood Classic Car Shows

Hottest cars in the world!

You don't need a classic car to enjoy the Spring and Fall classic car shows here in Wildwood, NJ; our shows are very exciting and fun for everyone in town! Do you have an old school classic vehicle that you would like to display along Wildwood's famous boardwalk, while having the beautiful beaches and ocean as your natural backdrop? Vehicles are displayed along Wildwood's Boardwalk on Friday & Saturday from 10a-3p during the show weekends. Register for our Spring and Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Shows and compete in our Boardwalk Top 40! Win cash prizes, door prizes and trophies! Wildwood Motor Events supports local businesses within our community; register as a car show participant and receive exclusive discounts and offers from local restaurants and businesses to enjoy while in town!

Events Calendar

  • Annual Spring Boardwalk Classic Car Show - May 10th - May 13th
  • Annual Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Show - September 20th - September 23rd
  • Fall 'Boardwalk Classic' Indoor Car Auction - September 20th - September 23rd
  • Monster Mash- Monster Truck Block Party - September 28th
  • Monsters On The Beach: Monster Truck Beach Races - September 29th - September 30th

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