Spring Boardwalk Classic Car Show

Spring Boardwalk Classic Car Show

May 11-14, 2017

The Spring Boardwalk Classic Car Show takes places every Mother's Day Weekend along the famous Wildwoods Boardwalk. Cars in the Spring Classic can be any make or model, but must be at least 10 years of age or older. The vehicles will line the Boardwalk both Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Participants enjoy exclusive events throughout the weekend including a kick-off dinner party and discounts and specials provided by local restaurants and businesses! 
A team of judges walk along the boards to choose the Boardwalk Top 40 Winners; judged and winning categories include: Best in Show Stock, Best in Show Modified, Best in Show Engine, Best in Show Wheels, Best in Show Paint, Best in Show Interior, and Best in Show Under Construction.  Each vehicle selected within the "Boardwalk Top 40" will then vote and choose their choice for the "Best of Show" winner!  Win cash prizes, door prizes, and trophies!

Fun for the whole family and spectators are free!  Participants can register their car on our website via EventBrite.  For more information, please call 609-522-3644 or email Alethea@WildwoodMotorEventsNJ.com 

Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Show

The Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Show takes place every September on the famous Wildwood Boardwalk. Cars in the Fall Classic Car Show can be any make or model as long as it is 25 years old or older. The vehicles will line the boardwalk on Friday and Saturday from 10am - 3pm. Participants will enjoy exclusive events throughout the weekend including a kick-off party dinner and discounts and specials provided by local restaurants and businesses! A team of judges will choose the "Boardwalk Top 50" which is 50 of the best cars on the Boards that weekend, along with Best of Show Paint, Best of Show Engine and Best of Show Interior; Ladies Choice will be chosen as well! Each vehicle selected within the "Boardwalk Top 50" and the mentioned categories will then vote and choose their choice for the "Best of Show" winner! Win cash prizes, door prizes and trophies!

NEW FOR 2017! An exclusive ADDITION to our popular Classic Car Show! Saturday evening, September 23, 2017 from 7p-10p our Car Show participants will be able to park and display their vehicles along areas of Pacific Avenue in Downtown Wildwood. Participants will enjoy entertainment, drink and food specials provided by the local businesses. *Please note, your windshield tag must be displayed in order to participate in this add-on display evening.

The Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Show is fun for the entire family and spectators are free! Participants can register via EventBrite. Please call 609-522-4546 for additional information or email wildwoodmotorevents@gmail.com.

Click Here to Register Online!

1) Bill Ritchick- 1988 Alpin Green Ford Bronce, Eddie Bauer Edition
2) John- 1984 Blue Chevrolet SS Monte Carlo
3) Marie Updegrave- 1949 Root Beer Candy Chevrolet Fleetline
4) Gene and Monica Hershey- 1959 Red Chevrolet Impala Convertible
5) Rodney Updegrave- 1954 Galaxy Gray Metallic Cadillac Series 62 Hardtop
6) Phil Hefner- 1928 Moss Green and Black Ford A Pick Up
7) Eric Dysinger- 1968 Orange Chevrolet Camaro
8) Lou Collazo- 1957 Turquoise Chevrolet Bel Air
9) Dennis- 1965 Mustang
10) Lee Weinstein- 1968 Beige Ford XL-428
11) Joe Gagnon-1955 Orange and Cream Chevrolet Bel Air
12) Paul and Donna Sell- 1969 Aqua Blue AMC AMX
13) Michael Hartsough- 1970 Maroon Chevrolet Chevelle
14) Paul and Randi Jordan- 1955 Black Ford Thunderbird
15) Bob Limerick- 1957 Red Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible
16) Walt Perdue- 1948 Red Cadillac Convertible
17) Dave- 1975 Chevrolet Blazer
18) Jim Pfau- 1954 Maroon Ford Pick Up F100
19) Edwin Shaw- 1969 Blue Shelby Mustang GT 500
20) Joseph Indellilat- 1950 Red Mercury
21) Gary Popolizio- 1967 Black Chevrolet Camaro
22) Ken- 1962 Orange Chevrolet Pick Up(?)
23) Lou Muhlberg- 1963 Black Chevrolet Impala
24) Dave Hopson- 1923 Ford T Bucket 5T7
25) Ralph Papa- 1966 Black Ford Fairlane
26) Lawrence Valenzano- 1940 Black Cherry Willy’s Coupe
27) Michael Panichi- 1964 Black Pontiac GTO
28) Steve Petrosilli -1971 Burgandy Chevrolet C-10
29) Keith Gerber- 1968 Orange Chevrolet Camaro
30) Tom and Cheryl Favoraso- 1970 Red Plymouth 440
31) Michael- 1950 Cranberry Mercury 2 Door
32) John Lardear- 1968 Blue Ford Mustang
33) Edward Burke- 1955 Yellow and Black Ford Sunliner Convertible
34) Rich and Sharon Hoefling- 1923 Black Ford T Bucket
35) Bob Hartman- 1966 Red Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible
36) Charles Baker- 1951 Peach Studebaker Starlight Coupe
37) Carson Mills- 1971 Dodge Dart
38) Bob Cummons- 1932 Chevrolet Coupe
39) Vicky and Eugene Bowels- 1923 Black Ford T Bucket
40) John- 1986 Monte Carlo
41) Dennis Bauer 1975 Orange Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible
42) David- 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1
43) Bob- 1973 Dodge Charger
44) Jimmy- 1972 Dodge Challenger
45) Vince- 1955 Chevrolet
46) Tony- 1969 Chverolet Camaro
47) Chris- 1960 Cadillac
48) Bill- 1934 Ford Convertible
49) Bob- 1957 Ford T Bird
50) Genarro- 1990 Cadillac
BEST IN SHOW PAINT Rocco Richardson, Green 1949 Oldsmobile 88
BEST IN SHOW INTERIOR Al Gessner 1957 Red Chevrolet Bel Air
BEST IN SHOW ENGINE Jeanie and Kenny Hill 1934 Pastel Pink Chevrolet Coupe
LADIE’S CHOICE WINNER Dillon Sassor 1951 Orange (Copper) Chevrolet C3100 Pick-Up
BEST OF SHOW Marie Updegrave 1949 Root Beer Candy Chevrolet Fleetline


Fall 'Boardwalk Classic' Indoor Car Corral & Vendor Extravaganza

Fall 'Boardwalk Classic' Indoor Car Corral & Vendor Extravaganza

September 21-24, 2017

We proudly introduce the Fall 'Boardwalk Classic' Car Show, Indoor Car Corral & Vendor Extravaganza! Our Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Show will be held as usual along the Wildwood Boardwalk. Parallel to this exhilarating weekend, we are also hosting an Indoor Car Corral and Vendor Extravaganza inside Wildwood's beautiful oceanfront arena-- The Wildwood Convention Center, located at 4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, New Jersey. We will be selling areas within the Exhibit Hall of the Convention Center at a base price; there will be no other fees or commissions charged.

Are you interested in selling your car or collection at our Indoor Car Corral? A 10' X 20' space will sell for $199 per vehicle. Registration details and information can be found HERE. 

Are you interested in being a vendor during our new, exciting event? We are selling a 10' X 10' vending space for $200. Does your vending area require additional space? No problem! Additional vending space can be purchased at $100 per additional 10' X 10' feet.

Register Online HERE!
For further information, please call (609) 522-4546 or email us at Alethea@WildWoodMotorEventsNJ.com where we will be happy to assist you. We are excited about our 2017 Indoor Car Corral & Vendor Extravaganza and we hope to see you there!

Monsters on the Beach: Wildwood NJ Monster Truck Beach Races

A weekend of intense thrills as massive monster trucks race and fly around the beach on our track between Mariner’s Landing and Adventure Pier. Headlining monster for 2017 include Big Foot, Avenger, Brutus, Heavy Hitter, Basher, Jester and Megasaurus! Monster truck lineup is subject to change.
Saturday features two shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, including exciting intermission entertainment featured by Megasaurus. Sunday’s afternoon show is the last show of the weekend and also the deciding race, after which the winner will be named!

Don’t forget to pick up truck-specific merchandise as well. Each truck that’s racing this weekend will be bringing their own fan gear that spectators can get autographed during the “Pit Party” prior to each show. Feeling a little daring? Ride one of Wildwood Motor Events' own Monster Truck Ride trucks! The only two center-steer Monster Truck Ride trucks on the beaches of the East Coast. Rides are available every day throughout the normal summer season, just on the other side of Adventure Pier (weather permitting).

A once in a lifetime experience. Ticket sales and information can be found here! For more information, please call 609-522-3644 or email wildwoodmotorevents@gmail.com

NEW for 2017! MONSTER MASH HAS BEEN RESURRECTED! Join us on Friday evening, September 29th from 6p-9p at Crest Pier in Wildwood Crest at Heather Road. Meet the famous truck drivers and have your photograph taken with the monster trucks! Facepainter, DJ, Bouncehouse and experience the thrill of a real Monster Truck ride! Free event for everyone to join! Please call (609) 522-4546 with any questions.

Monster Truck: The Ride

Monster Truck: The Ride

The monster truck scene has been a staple in the Wildwoods since the early 1990's. In recent years, Wildwood Motor Events has kept those engines roaring down the beach, treating visitors to thrills and family fun every year! Not only does Wildwood Motor Events bring the big guns to the beach to race in the Monsters on the Beach: Wildwood NJ Monster Truck Beach Races but we also host Monster Truck RIDES on the beach all throughout the season (weather permitting)!

AmeriCRUSH the ride is a one of a kind Monster Truck Ride-Truck! It's the real deal!!! Monster Truck chassis fabricator, Dan Patrick, made this beast of a ride truck originally for a gentleman in West Virginia. Boasting a 502 Chevrolet Ram Jet, making almost 600 horsepower, this truck is READY TO RIDE! Any boy does it! Top that off with a patriotic wrap, a special thanks to our Veterans and ode to the Pledge of Allegience, this truck has it all!

After AmeriCRUSH parted ways with its original owner, it later found its way to Lake Okeechobee, Florida, which is where Wildwood Motor Events LLC found this patriotic beauty through local contacts; it was a match made in Heaven. AmeriCRUSH and his buddy ZombieCRUSHER loaded up and moved up to their new beach house located on the Famous Wildwood's Boardwalk!

Every summer, 7 days a week (weather permitting), these two are out and about for picture opportunities and for those braver souls who seek an awesome ride on the WME beach track! These two make quite a bit of noise but that doesn't seem to bother the many families and visitors that come walking down the boards... in fact, the sound of that engine starting up draws a crowd every time!

So we ask... Can you brave the ride? Give it a try! Our Monster Truck Ride-Trucks are the LONGEST rides along the Wildwood Boardwalk. Experience the thrill and check out our AmeriCRUSH, ZombieCRUSHER and Monster Truck merchandise! $10 per person. 4101 Boardwalk (Boardwalk & Youngs Avenue), Wildwood, NJ.