The Experience

The monster truck scene has been a staple in the Wildwoods since the early 1990's. In recent years, Wildwood Motor Events has kept those engines roaring down the beach, treating visitors to thrills and family fun every year! Not only does Wildwood Motor Events bring the big guns to the beach to race in the Monsters on the Beach: Wildwood NJ Monster Truck Beach Races but we also host Monster Truck RIDES on the beach all throughout the season (weather permitting)!

AmeriCRUSH the ride is a one of a kind Monster Truck Ride-Truck! It's the real deal!!! Monster Truck chassis fabricator, Dan Patrick, made this beast of a ride truck originally for a gentleman in West Virginia. Boasting a 502 Chevrolet Ram Jet, making almost 600 horsepower, this truck is READY TO RIDE! Any boy does it! Top that off with a patriotic wrap, a special thanks to our Veterans and ode to the Pledge of Allegience, this truck has it all!

After AmeriCRUSH parted ways with its original owner, it later found its way to Lake Okeechobee, Florida, which is where Wildwood Motor Events LLC found this patriotic beauty through local contacts; it was a match made in Heaven. AmeriCRUSH and his buddy ZombieCRUSHER loaded up and moved up to their new beach house located on the Famous Wildwood's Boardwalk!

Every summer, 7 days a week (weather permitting), these two are out and about for picture opportunities and for those braver souls who seek an awesome ride on the WME beach track! These two make quite a bit of noise but that doesn't seem to bother the many families and visitors that come walking down the boards... in fact, the sound of that engine starting up draws a crowd every time!

So we ask... Can you brave the ride? Give it a try! Our Monster Truck Ride-Trucks are the LONGEST rides along the Wildwood Boardwalk. Experience the thrill and check out our AmeriCRUSH, ZombieCRUSHER and Monster Truck merchandise! $10 per person prior to 5p daily ; $12 per person after 5p daily. SAVE $5 WITH A FAMILY FOUR-PACK! Purchase 4 tickets and SAVE $5! 4101 Boardwalk (Boardwalk & Youngs Avenue), Wildwood, NJ.